Our Focus

Our Focus

A novel approach to neuropsychiatry and neurology

Empyrean is developing first-in-class, neuroactive therapeutics using genetic engineering to improve the lives of patients suffering from debilitating neuropsychiatric and neurologic disorders.

Our approach targets genomic modifications to fungi and plants, with the goal of developing novel therapeutics that can improve the current standard-of-care for patients.

Our Focus

By the Numbers

Depression and anxiety are the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting up to 300 million people and they are associated with loss of 10 years life expectancy 1,2

1,2 JAMA, 317 (15):1517. April 2017. The Lancet, 394, 10211:1827-35, Nov 2019.


relapse rate for treatment-resistant depression 3

3 Rush AJ et al Am J Psychiatry, 163(11):1905-17, 2006.


people die from suicide every year in the US 4


15 million

people in the US in any given year affected by PTSD 5

5 National Center for PTSD, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, 2020

42% of adults in the US

suffered from an anxiety or depressive disorder between August 2020 and February 2021 6

6 CDC 70(13): 490-494. April 2021


deaths from opioid overdose in 2021, the highest ever recorded 7

7 CDC, NCHS, Vital Statistics Rapid Release, 2021